Contact lenses for the protection of ocular physiology

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Delivery contact lenses, thanks to the exclusive manufacturing process patented by Safilens, are enriched with natural substances such as Lachryceuticals

These substances are then released on the anterior segment of the eye during the wearing cycle

The constant and controlled release is triggered by a combination of body temperature, blinking and eyelid pressure

Per garantire il massimo comfort ed un rilascio costante le lenti vengono arricchite anche di polisaccaridi naturali dal tipico comportamento pseudoplastico quali l’Acido Ialuronico e il TSP (Polisaccaride estratto dai semi di tamarindo).


The term Lachryceuticals indicates natural constituents present in foods, microbial agents or plants which, by exploiting the pharmaceutical synthesis techniques of products of natural origin, are selected ad hoc and are able to influence some physiological processes

They, in particular, can be released directly onto the tear-film from contact lenses or taken in the form of eye drops

Delivery Tyro


DELIVERY TYRO contact lenses are enriched with Tyrosine

Tyrosine, which is normally taken through food or synthesized by metabolism, is a semi-essential amino acid precursor of various catecholamines (hormones and neurotransmitters) including Dopamine

The presence of Dopamine inside the retina has been shown to have an important normalising effect in ocular development, in particular an inhibitory effect on the elongation of the eyeball, similarly its low production was found to be concomitant with refractive errors related to eye particular anatomical conditions

Furthermore, Tyrosine present in plasma overcomes the blood-brain barrier being one of the substances necessary for metabolic functions

A new prospective

The biochemical approach allows to mitigate the risk factors for proper ocular development resulting from the modern lifestyle, such as excessive accommodative effort or poor exposure to the beneficial wavelengths of natural light

DELIVERY TYRO daily disposable modality makes it possible to ensure safety, hygiene and simplicity for wearers of all ages including youngsters

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